Friday, May 13, 2011


Kawabata Makoto & Pikachu from Acid Mothers Temple/Afrirampo at Strange Matter

Longtime experimental & psychedelic musicians from Japan, Kawabata Makoto from Acid Mothers Temple and Pikachu from Afrirampo (as well as past collaborations with Acid Mothers Temple) will be playing at Strange Matter, a late show starting at 10:00 PM. Kawabata Makoto is known for his wild hair and even wilder space-melting acid rock guitar playing in Acid Mothers Temple, almost exaggerations of dripping psychedelia and the far out sounds of Krautrock, before that with heavy burners Mainliner. Pikachu previously played in the all lady duo Afrirampo, who were as much a catchy all girl garage punk as a psychotic Japanese noise rock experiment with screams that recall their Osaka freakout brethren the Boredoms.

Now, together on this tour, the duo plays an expansive psychedelic sort of no wave play a sort of psychedelic no wave that ascends from tribal drumming and Pikachu chanting to the hot insane guitar playing one expects from Kawabata. Pikachu quit the Acid Mother’s Afrirampo collaboration to study percussion in Africa and the girl is all over the place all while also singing. Videos of recent show Pikachu descending upon the crowd in flurry of drumming and far out singing and Kawabata Makoto steadily shredding long slabs of psychedelia building up to exciting sweaty psych-punk climax.

Worth it to catch a couple of Japan’s established experimental rockers in a freeform duo, anyone who’s seen Acid Mother’s Temple has an idea of how its going to go down. Dig the Kawabata Makoto & Pikachu duo at Strange Matter, Sunday May 15th, with Mugu Guymen, Caves Caverns, Head Molt, and Articulate Chewbecca (Adam Smith + Dylan Rhythm Bandit krautsplosion)

A recent recording of the duo is available for free here,

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