Wednesday, May 12, 2010

total bore

upcoming Caves Caverns stuff

MAY 15 (Saturday) BERMUDA TRIANGLES record release show w/ Caves Caverns, Blake Midgette, and VIALKA (france) at the Triple, Richmond VA 9:30 PM
MAY 29 (Saturday) Browning's Birthday Affair w/ Head Molt, Street Pizza, Caves Caverns, Flesh Control, and Big Ass Chick at Stange Matter (929 W. Grace St) Richmond VA 9:30 PM
JULY 9 DC show TBA w/ Buck Gooter, others TBA
JULY 10 (Saturday) VA Invades DE somewhere in Delaware w/ Pizza, Human Smoke, Buck Gooter, Caves Caverns, Field Day, Hail Hydra, William Wesley & the Tiny Sockets
JULY 15 TBA in Richmond, Kohoutek and George Kinney from 60's Texas psych band Golden Dawn/contemporary of the 13th Floor Elevator, for fans NUGGETS PSYCH. Take a listen

Split C-25 with RESIN PYRAMID, probably available at the BTs show on Saturday. RESIN PYRAMID is JK "Jeeb" and Will "Delicious" Smith playing something kinda like Amon Duul II/Kraftwerk/Sun Ra. Sometimes JRuss will squeel on a saxophone and dub some bells in and out.

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