Friday, July 31, 2009

dynamite boogie

cave caverns show list
1. 5/21/08 SPAZZATORIUM w/ MC Homeless, Human Smoke, Manchester Black, greenville, NC
2. 5/23/08 KILLING FLOORS w/ U.S. Christmas, Stronghold Crusader, Human Smoke, Smell the Rot hickory, NC
3. 5/25/08 THE LODGE w/Jerusalem, Human Smoke Disembowelment Party Blacksburg, VA
4. 5/26/08 GARAJ MAHAL w/ Beasteater, Human Smoke, King Bee Pounding Mill, VA
5. 6/13/08 NARA SUSHI w/Inter Arma, Deadsea Richmond, VA
6. 6/21/08 DUDE MANCH (618 E. Franklin) w/La Otracina, Nathaniel & Jameson duo Richmond, VA
7. 7/03/08 SAXBYS COFFEE w/ Snorklewacker (busted by bike cops before Snorklewacker could play) Richmond, VA
8. 8/13/08 NARA SUSHI w/valkyrie, caltrop, ol’ scratch Richmond, VA
9. 9/01/08 WALLACE ST HOUSE SHOW w/ Snorklewacker and randos Richmond, VA
10. 9/03/08 artist underground cafe w/ mystery of two, yardwork Richmond, VA
11. 9/09/08 Will and Jennifer's house show (pine & spring) w/ CROM, snorklewacker Richmond, VA
12. 9/20/08 HELL BLOCK BASEMENT w/ CBR (moved from WALLACE ST. HOUSE after cops busted that show) Richmond, VA
13. 10/26/08 DUDE MANCH w/ U.S. Christmas, Dark Castle, Acheronian Richmond, VA
14. 10/27/08 GALLERY 5 w/ghastly city sleep, jonathan vasser, brontosaurus Richmond, VA
15. 11/13/08 NARA SUSHI w/caltrop, curtains of night, hail hydra! Richmond, VA
16. 11/23/08 (early) RUMORS boutique w/ Two Funerals, Field Day,Julie Karr Richmond, VA
17. 11/23/08 (later) RIOT HOUSE w/ Drunkdriver and Triac Richmond, VA
18. 11/26/08 The TRIPLE w/ Gull, Yip Yip Richmond, VA
19. 12/19/08 The CZAR w/ Sweat Lodge, Puddin' Pops Richmond, VA
20. 12/20/08 The Velvet Lounge w/ kohoutek, ultrabunny, and plums Washington. DC
21. 12/21/08 RIOT HOUSE w/ Count Von Count and APE! Richmond, VA
22. 1/04/09 RUMORS w/ Chromeblower and Puddin' Pops Richmond, VA
23. 1/05/09 213 PARK PLACE w/ Chromeblower, Deer Gear, and Big Girl, Newark, DE
24. 1/06/09 THE CHARLESTON w/ Chromeblower, Siberians, and Michael Jordan, Brooklyn, NY
25. 1/08/09 (early) FORNICATION FORTRESS (busted by cops after noise complaint) Baltimore, MD
26. 1/08/09 (later) THE GIRL CAVE w/ Brainworms, Chromeblower Washington, DC
27. 1/09/09 THE TREE SWING HOUSE w/ Pizza, Tideland, Paul Joyner's Psychedelic Jam Band, and Chromeblower Riverdale, MD
28. 1/26/09 POSITIVE YOUTH FEST at ST STEPHENS church w/Ingrid, Nihilith, the Guilt, New Habitat, the Feed, and Eubonics, Washington, DC
29. 2/16/09 NARA SUSHI w/ Hawks, and Animal Magazine Richmond, VA
30. 2/17/09 the CZAR w/ The Catalyst, Peer Pressure, Fat History Month, Baylie's Band Richmond VA
31. 3/07/09 the CZAR w/ Field Day, Rapid Cities, Animal Magazine Richmond, VA
32. 3/08/09 The TRIPLE w/ MI AMI and Thank You Richmond, VA
33. 3/18/09 The CZAR w/ Lord Jeff (as 2-piece CAVES) Richmond, VA
34. 3/22/09 The CZAR w/ Mass Shivers, Hail Hydra, In Circles, the Black Powder Richmond, VA
35. 3/27/09 CHURCH OF CRYSTAL LIGHT w/ These Are Powers, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, Jefferson "Mayday Mayday" Vimana Richmond, VA
36. 3/31/09 RUMORS w/ Ultra dolphins, purple rhinestone eagle, and windhand Richmond, VA
37. 4/09/09 NARA SUSHI w/ Head Molt, New Thrill Parade, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, Pastures/Scott Noose, TWILIGHT MEMORIES OF THE THREE SUNS Richmond, VA
38. 4/15/09 DUDE MANCH w/ La Otracina, Richmond, VA
39. 5/18/09 TINDERBOX w/ Screaming Females, Bellafea Richmond, VA
40. 6/09/09 NARA SUSHI w/ Dark Meat, Golden Cities, Caustic Castle, Richmond, VA
41. 6/18/09 NARA SUSHI w/ U.S. Christmas, Pontiak, Ultra Dolphins, Richmond, VA
42. 6/20/09 NARA SUSHI w/ Nihilith, Fine Lines, Richmond, VA
43. 6/26/09 COUCH HEAVEN w/ The Ulitmate V.A.G, 500mg, Head Molt, Richmond, VA
44. 6/27/09 THE GIRL CAVE w/ Totally Stoked, Ended, Washington, DC
45. 6/28/09 THE SPOT w/ Big Girl, Holy Dirt, Tit Patrol, Wilmington, DE
46. 7/27/09 NARA SUSHI w/ Trifle Tower, Dark Forces, Awesome, Richmond, VA
47. 8/01/09 OLD BRIDGE FESTIVAL w/ Gay Knowledge, Hume, Grass Canyon, Buildings, Google Earth, Amissville, VA
48. 8/21/09 COUCH HEAVEN w/ Head Molt, Scarcity of Tanks, Richmond, VA
49. 8/25/09 266 SOUTH CHERRY w/ Gay Knowledge, Cigarette (Dirty Paws), Say No! To Architecture, Richmond, VA
50. 8/26/09 THE TRIPLE w/ Pizza, Tideland, NAAM, Richmond, VA
51. 9/29/09 3001 E. BROAD w/ ALUK TODOLO, LUSSURIA, Richmond, VA
52. 9/30/09 THE TRIPLE w/ Bermuda Triangles, I Need Sleep, Richmond, VA
53. 10/02/09 THE LIGHTHOUSE w/ Bermuda Triangles, Trophy Wife, I Need Sleep, Washington, DC
54. 11/19/09 HOG'S LAIR w/ Snack Truck, Thank God, Richmond, VA
55. 12/11/09 COUCH HEAVEN w/ Antlers, Cold Toast, Galt, Richmond, VA
56. 1/10/10 COUCH HEAVEN w/ Kohoutek, Gondola, Richmond, VA
57. 1/11/10 THE TRIPLE w/ Bermuda Triangles, Holy Sheet, Richmond, VA
58. 1/14/10 LAST MONTH GALLERY 101 S. ADDISON w/ Balaclava, Sexy Crimes, Richmond, VA
59. 3/15/10 THE TRIPLE w/ Ultra Dolphins, Fuzz Orchestra (Italy), and Guadalupe Plata (Spain), Richmond, VA
60. 3/17/10 Club 1808 w/ Prince Rama, How I Quit Crack, Reading Rainbow, The Beets, Austin, TX
61. 3/18/10 THE COMPOUND w/ Magic Jewels, Telepathik Friend, DD/MM/YYYY, Death Sentence Panda, Videohippos, Austin, TX
62. 3/18/10 THE PARLOR w/ Rusted Shut (earlier show), Austin, TX
63. 3/20/10 MOOSE LODGE w/ Telepathik Friend, Zs, Venision Whirled, Bubblegum Shitface Experience, Austin TX
64. 3/20/10 21st St CO-OP w/ Thank God, Atlas Moth, Suplecs, Austin, TX
65. 3/30/10 COUCH HEAVEN w/ GUNSLINGERS (france), Human Smoke, Richmond, VA
66. 4/19/10 THE TRIPLE w/ Kohoutek, the Styrenes, Richmond, VA
67. 4/22/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ The Catalyst, Field Day, Creta Kano, Richmond, VA
68. 4/28/10 THE TREE SWING HOUSE w/ Cigarette, Riverdale Park, MD
69. 5/6/10 THE TRIPLE w/ VINCENT BLACK SHADOW, Cough, Kill Your Brain, Richmond, VA
70. 5/15/10 THE TRIPLE w/ Bermuda Triangles, Vialka (france), Blake Midgette, Gary Stevens DJ (new age space library) Richmond, VA
73. 6/19/10 COUCH HEAVEN w/ TASHA YAR and Buck Gooter, Richmond, VA
74. 7/5/10 THE TRIPLE w/ Floating Colors, Churches Burn, STREET PIZZA, Richmond, VA
75. 7/9/10 THE SUBMARINE w/ Human Smoke, Buck Gooter, Layne Garrett, Moon Pie, more, Washington, DC
76. 8/24/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Windhand, Souvenir's Young America, Richmond, VA
77. 9/10/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Dadfag, Mutwawa, Human Baggage Richmond, VA
78. 9/20/10 STRANGE MATTERw/ Mondo Drag, Main Street Gospel, The Diamond Center, Richmond, VA
79. 9/28/19 STRANGE MATTER w/ Tinsel Teeth, Diamond Black Hearted Boy, Richmond, VA
80. 10/12/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Two Funerals, TV Budha (Israel), Richmond, VA (as 2-piece TATE HOUSE)
81. 10/23/10 COUCH HEAVEN w/ TITAN, Head Molt, Old Swampy, Richmond, VA (TATE HOUSE)
82. 11/01/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Bermuda Triangles, Rhythm Bandit, and The Intelligence, Richmond, VA
83. 11/08/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Neon Blud, Mutwawa, Flora & Fauna, Richmond, VA
84. 11/11/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Bermuda Triangles, Buck Gooter and Head Molt, Richmond, VA
85. 11/12/10 BIRD NAMES house show, Athens GA
86. 11/13/10 Alabama Music Box w/ Bermuda Triangles, Mobile, AL
87. 11/14/10 ALLWAYS LOUNGE w/ Bermuda Triangles, Lovey Dovies, Dummy Dumpster, New Orleans, LA
88. 11/15/10 816 Calumet St. w/Bermuda Triangles, B L A C K I E, Limb, and Somosuno, Houston, TX
89. 11/16/10 The Shit House, Bermuda Triangles San Antonio, TX
90. 11/17/10 EAST SIDE ISLE,Bermuda Triangles Austin, TX
91. 11/18/10 Club 1808, Bermuda Triangles Austin, TX
92. 11/19/10 The Cavern, Bermuda Triangles Dallas, TX
93. 11/20/10 The Dairy, Bermuda Triangles Memphis, TN
94. 11/21/10 Bettys, Bermuda Triangles Nashvile, TN
95. 11/22/10 Thee Killing Floor, w/ Bermuda Triangles, Projexorcism, DJ Heavy Flow, and Smell The Rott, Hickory, NC
96. 11/23/10 The Night Light, Bermuda Triangles, Chapel Hill
97. 12/06/10 STRANGE MATTER w/ Taco Leg, Trass, Richmond, VA
98. 3/10/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ Drums Like Machine Guns, SGNLS, Flesh Control, Lost Tribe, Richmond, VA
99. 3/12/11 VELVET LOUNGE w/ Kohoutek, PJB, Luger (Spain), Washington, DC
100. 3/13/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ Shards, Sex Move, Richmond, VA
101. 3/14/11 SPROUT w/ Kohoutek, Frankzig, Cosmic Hum Psychedelic Light Show, Richmond, VA (Dylan Languell on sax for Caves)
102. 4/18/11 GALAXY HUT w/ Cigarette, Arlington, VA
103. 4/19/11 MAIN MAN'S HOUSE w/ Holy Dirt, Sacajaweeda, the Headies, New Castle, DE
104. 4/20/11 MARVELOUS w/ Kohoutek, Drums Like Machine Guns, Ancient Creature, Philadelphia, PA (Jenny Tucker on sax for Caves)
105. 4/21/11 DEATH BY AUDIO w/ Sweet Mason, No Sky God, Brooklyn, NY
106. 4/22/11 COUCH HEAVEN w/ Broken Water, Antlers, The Two Funerals, Richmond, VA
107. 4/23/11 OLD TOWN HALL w/ Kohoutek, 500mg, Michael Chapman, Fun, Mutwawa, Human Adult Band, Fairfax, VA (Jenny Tucker on sax for Caves)
108. 4/25/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ Davilla 666, Southside Stranglers. Lost Tribe, Richmond, VA
109. 5/15/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ Kawabata Makoto & Pikachu, Muguguymen, Head Molt, Articulate Chewbecca, Richmond, VA
110. 5/20/11 REFERENCE GALLERY w/ Positiveland, Head Molt, Roy G Biv, Flute, Whoarfrost, Teen Dreams, Flesh Control, Richmond, VA
111. 9/10/11 AMMA HOUSE w/ Human Adult Band, Dan Peck Trio, Kahdena, Alexandria, VA
112. 9/11/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ The Men, Flechette, Articulate Chewbecca, Richmond, VA
113. 9/14/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ MUTWAWA, No Babies, Whitman, Richmond, VA
114. 9/23/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ Dark Sea Dream, Borborites, Paul Joyner, Flesh Control, Frailty of Angels, Richmond, VA
115. 10/06/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ Useless Eaters, Haverchucks, the Winders, Richmond, VA
116. 10/07/11 AMMA HOUSE w/ Harm Stryker, Ghost Volcano, FUN, Violet, Blue Sausage Infant, Yellow Crystal Star, RAINBOW BRIDGE FESTIVAL, Alexandria, VA
117. 11/14/11 STRANGE MATTER w/ SGNLS, Buck Gooter, Richmond, VA (Leo on sax for Caves) Richmond, VA
118. 1/30/12 STRANGE MATTER w/ Mutwawa, Flesh Control, Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Names Divine, Haldol, Dark Sea Dream, Positivland, Richmond, VA
119. 2/11/12 700 SOCIAL CLUB w/ Buck Gooter, Tendrills, The Headies, Deer Gear, Homewreckers Wilmington, DE
120. 2/16/12 STRANGE MATTER w/ The Deads, Champagne of Rats, Gay Shapes, some terrible bands, Richmond, VA
121. NILE w/ Antlers, Fire Bison, Richmond, VA
122. PANDIA STUDIO w/ Artie Appleseed, Geordi La King, Flossed in Paradise, Richmond, VA
123. STRANGE MATTER w/ Whoarfrost, Mutwawa, Tungs, Clipperclaw, Geordi La Korg, Flesh Control (JK's SPACE RITUAL), Richmond, VA
124. NILE w/ Soft Spot, Crinkles, Richmond, VA

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