Saturday, January 10, 2009

the fire

early january tour is over. back in Richmond. walked home past SKYY Jazz Palace while dudes boasted the after hour joint's current state of affairs . . . . "THEY'RE LETTING BITCHES IN FOR TWO DOLLARS, THEY'RE LETTING BITCHES IN FOR TWO DOLLARS, THERE'S ONLY FIFTEEN OF 'EM, BUT DEY WILDIN' OUT!". Its a breath of fresh air after being tucked into a station wagon for a couple days.

tour was fun and yet not freaky enough. warmer weather will do us all better.
enjoyed all the bands we played with, big girl and deer gear in Newark, Siberians and Michael Jordan and a shit ton of personal pan pizzas in Brooklyn, Brainworms, Tideland, Paul Joyner Blues Explosion and Pizza in DC for sure were excellent. Much love to the Girl Cave in DC for being the best DIY happening in DC, keep it glorious. Also much hoarse shouting to Chromeblower, Brooklyn pop punk, feedback and youthful fucking up, dudes were fine tourmates, stay catchy.

our 60-minute tape that can be called TIME CAPSULE for lack of a better sobriquet can be ordered online from COSMIC DEBRIS. If yr in Richmond, we can hook a tape up in person.

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